Wednesday, July 7, 2010


these stockings by lucette, from the rosemount australian fashion week, blew me away. you'd think that bejewelled footless tights would be gaudy, yet they manage to be sophisticated while still making me go, 'GLITTER!'

next task: to replicate them.

basically i went to spotlight and bought a whole load of discount sparkly things, then spent a good three hours sewing them onto little patches. note- if you do this, it's a really clever idea to hem the patches first, otherwise you will have fraying edges all over your sophistication.
i then sewed the patches onto a pair of black stockings. second note- i sewed the patches on while i was wearing the stockings, which resulted in attractive squares of pinpricks on my knees, so don't do it before an important event.


third note- not suitable for dancing, walking up stairs, crossing legs, close proximity to other objects, breathing.

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