Wednesday, July 7, 2010

caped avenger

i haven't done much avenging. yet.

but i have been having super cape jealousy, especially now it is the winter months and wearing something that resembles a blanket is really attractive. after a few weeks of trawling on ebay, i found a super butterick historical cape pattern (i don't know if you can actually buy it, i couldn't find it on the butterick site). cue visit to the fantastic fabric shop in fitzroy, and the purchase of a whole lot of velvet.

it took about a week to make, maybe a little longer. the pattern was useful, but i honestly think you could do it without- it's a fairly simple shape, if you think about how full and long you want it to be.

then i saw a girl with a powder blue wool cape with a fur trim. the cape envy just goes round in circles.


  1. Awesome cape! I made one the other week (it's a double-breasted military style) and now I want more. I love the bikini you made too - your blog is great! Following you now :)

  2. Very cute! I'm so impressed by your ability to put together such creative pieces - I wish I had the drive and ability!!!