Monday, September 27, 2010

writin' essays

is good for creativity. unfortunately not the academic type. so i ripped off an ugly-ish dress i already own and made it again in pretty fabric.

it was actually super easy, i just put the paper on the dress and (somewhat haphazardly) traced the lines and the darts. added in seam allowance (looking back i definitely should have added more, the dress is a little constricting) and just sewed.

(my sister takes photos, "do something with your arms!")
the fabric is this lovely cotton/linen... stuff... from the Fabric Store in Fitzroy, it it permanently crumpled and i am terrified it is going to shrink into unwearability when i wash it, but it's a pretty az colour.


  1. the fabric store is the beez kneez, i wish i worked there!

  2. i know! jane zandonai used to work there, lucky